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Friday, 8 November 2013

How Not to Behave in Public

First of all I want to say that I'm no prude and I try hard not to judge. I share a house with 19-year old daughters, mentor teens in my spare time and have a background in working in the Public Sector.

On Saturday, we caught a train from our local station to Worcester. It was crowded with early morning Christmas shoppers and a group of girls headed back from a night out, looking slightly worse for wear and decidedly under-dressed for such a chilly morning. We were treated to 'morning after the night before' discussions about who'd drunk what, slept where and with whom and how sick they were all feeling. As it was a busy train there was nowhere to escape to. I was devastated to have forgotten my iPod as at least I could have listened to that, instead of one of the girls retching throughout the entire journey.

It was a relief to get off this train and wait for the service to Bath. When it arrived, this train was mercifully quiet until we pulled in at Gloucester. After a deluge of passengers got on - we resigned ourselves to being surrounded by people who couldn't have cared less what anyone thought about their behaviour. Every other word that left their mouths began with 'F' and contained four letters. It's a shame that the F-word is classed as an acceptable word to use in general conversation on a train when you can clearly be heard by fellow passengers including lots of children. It isn't a word I use, and if I happened to be married to Gordon Ramsey I'd be swotting him with a fly swot every time the word left his mouth. Fortunately, they all got off the train at Bristol and all was quiet again.

I accept that everyone swears, I'm guessing you're pretty unusual if you don't. And I most definitely swear, although almost always as a result of stubbing my toe on something unforgiving, or accidentally throwing a mug of coffee down a clean outfit and I'd never swear in public! I don't care that people use the word, but I'd rather they used it behind closed doors and out of earshot of small people, who oughtn't be hearing such language.

Why do they think for a second that it is acceptable to use in a crowded place? I'm guessing that they simply don't care. I have expressed my displeasure at people using bad language around my kids for many years - sometimes I've even received an apology and sometimes I've been at the receiving end of another mouthful.

I've always taught my daughters that 'Anyone can swear but it doesn't make them clever.' Fortunately, they don't swear all that often and can find other ways to vent their frustrations - like arguing with me!

The final straw was just outside of Bristol, where we spied man in a field, completely naked, 'pleasuring' himself in full view of a packed train.

Does this sum up society in Britain today? I hope not....

I just feel sorry for the staff and the passengers who were trying to relax on a train full of rude and offensive passengers.

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  1. Wow that was an eventful journey! Although I know I swear far too much, I'm always mindful of children and older folk. It's basic manners isn't it? I'd have been horrified at the sight of the flasher, can't believe that people actually behave like that in public! #PoCoLo

    1. Thanks lovely. Yes, it was most definitely an eventful journey. Fortunately the journey home on Monday was far more peaceful!

  2. You and me are totally singing from the same hymn sheet here. I hate swearing in public, especially in front of children. There are so much better words to use and totally shows a lack of respect for others and a lack of imagination to find other words. Great post. Also, guy in field - bet he was cold!!! #pocolo

    1. Thanks hun, happy to hear that it's not just me!

  3. I'm made to feel like a bit of a prude on social networks for not liking bad language. I swear in real life, if, like you, the situation demands it, but, in general, I have enough vocabulary without resorting to it!

    Your journey sounds stressful, glad the return was better! :) #pocolo

    1. Nice to hear that somebody else has a similar outlook on this. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. I feel EXACTLY the same way as you. I recently told a man off for using the F word continuously in public when swearing at his girlfriend because it was in front of Grace. I got a mouthful in return. It's like smoking - people should have more respect of others. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Sorry to hear that you had such a negative response - it's always worth a try though.

  5. Wow that sounds like an eventful journey!

    I agree with the language thing and find it a bit awkward when my family in law use blue language around the dinner table. I have told J they won't be able to get away with it when L is around now but could never really complain before.

    I think blue language in public is not good or respectful of others especially children.



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